Antivirus Grizzly Pro for Professionals

Protection for your projects from virus threads and data loss. Full protection with no loss in PC performance.

Are you a freelancer, an accountant or a creative person? Keep your projects or sources safe, since your hard work may simply be wasted if your data is lost due to a virus thread. Choose a Grizlly Pro for Professional edition that suits you best!

Secretary Grizzly Pro (for secretaries)

Are you a secretary? Keep your documents, correspondence, and files protected! Secretary Grizzly Pro antivirus has been developed specifically for secretaries! The antivirus is primarily focused on the protection of office programs, messengers, and Internet browser.

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Accountant Grizzly Pro (for accountants)

Accountant Grizzly Pro edition has been developed specifically for accountants. We realize what loss of data on quarterly and yearly report right before the deadline is. This may result in a fine worth hundreds of thousands. That is why we have developed an antivirus that creates solid protection of data stored in tables and accountant software such as 1C and protects digital signatures from infected PCs.

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Designer Grizzly Pro (for designers)

Work with visual vector editors needs big capacities. Designer Grizzly Pro edition is focus on reduction of antivirus load on PC. Thus, having reduced PC load we ensured comfortable work with special programs and graphic designers. At the same time, the antivirus creates reliable protection of your source files from viruses.

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Photographer Grizzly Pro (for photographers)

Photographers spends days editing pictures they took. Having spent hours editing a photo and then lose it is quite disaster. At the same time, other photos are also in danger as viruses can make a file unreadable. Restoring photos without a backup copy is impossible. That is why Grizzly antivirus developers team has developed Photographer Grizzly Pro edition for a specific protection of files stored on your computer. Choose Grizzly protection to protect your PC from viruses and yourself from critical situations!

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Translator Grizzly Pro (for translators)

Translator Grizzly Pro provides the best protection of office programs and installed apps on your PC. Huge files edited for a long time in a text editor often report error due to system overload. This does not always regard computer performance. Quite often, virus trojans launch their processes overloading random-access memory significantly reducing its performance. Protect your computer and your work with Grizzly Pro for translators.

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Editor Grizzly Pro (for editors)

Creativity is one of primary aspects for Grizzly developers team. We realize how hard the work of film editors and audio mixer actually is. Having completed an ideal project, it is quite hard to face the fact of its loss because your computer has been infected with a virus. Grizzly Pro antivirus for video- and audio editors is a reliable protection of projects from any kind of damage. Don’t worry about your safety. Trust Grizzly!

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Developer Grizzly Pro (for developers)

Are you a developer? Then you know what it means to complete the most elaborate and sophisticated project. You have to work with thousands of details. This is how Developer Grizzly Pro edition has been developed. Any make-up project can be the source for virus transfer if the developer’s computer is not protected from malware. Publishing a make-up of an infected web site you endanger millions of computers. Protect your PC and your projects with Grizzly Pro for developers.

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Programmer Grizzly Pro (for programmers)

Creating codes and software you must be sure you PC is protected from virus threads. Hacker attacks on a programmer computer is a common thing while a stolen project may cost a million rubles or dollars. Special developments for protection from data copying and stealing protect hundreds and thousands computers all over the world!

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