Antivirus – Client reviews

Фото автора отзыва

Dmitrii Leonosov

I’m quite satisfied with this antivirus. I work as a company IT-manager. I installed this antivirus on all machines in the office just to try it. I’ve been testing it for a couple of days and I’m pretty satisfied with it. All computers work with loss in performance, updates are fats, viruses on the media are detected instantly.


It’s a great tool. My “progressive” son has caught a ton of virus from different web sites. First, we’ve got a lot of pop-ups and then a saver with obscene material. I didn’t know what to do as I had tried a lot of antivirus programs. I was in despair and wanted to remove the OS. My friend suggested me trying this antivirus. It was a miracle! The antivirus detected and removed tons of malware along with the saver. Now, I totally trust Grizzly antivirus and recommend to everyone.

Svetlana Grishina

I work at home and perform engineering projects. Computer got very slow when antivirus starts updating; the system freezes programs have long response time. This starting irritating me. I downloaded this antivirus and now I’m satisfied. Everything works well and even faster.


I worked in photoshop and saved a project. I resumed my work in while but couldn’t find the project. I couldn’t find it even with the search bar. Then, I saw Grizzly Pro antivirus installed n the machine of my colleague. I got interested and installed it. As the result, I found the project; turns out I had virus threads.