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License agreement with a consumer of Grizzly Pro product

1.              Terms and definitions.

1.1.        The presented license agreement is a contract between you – final consumer (individual or legal person)- and OOO “Гризли Секьюрити” – possessor of the rights on Grizzly Pro software line. License agreement is concluded in regards to one of the software products chosen by you. The chosen software product is supported with the presented License Agreement including all media, printed materials and electronic documentation as well as applications and other components of the selected product (further - Product).

1.2.        Grizzly Pro is a software product serving as protection of personal computer from malware.

1.3.        License – permits Product installation on previously determined number of devices with previously stipulated validity.

1.4.        The Product has been developed on NANO Antivirus White Label platform, which is a property of ООО “НАНО Секьюрити” (further – Platform Manufacturer).


2.              Conclusion of license agreement and granting the license.

2.1.        Installing, copying or using Product in any other way, you confirm that you have read License Agreement, understood its terms and you agreed to use the Product with no violations.

2.2.        License Agreement is considered to be concluded from the moment of Product use, or from the moment of agreeing to the terms and conditions of the presented License Agreement by confirming it during the Product installation process or its first launch.

2.3.        If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the presented License Agreement, do not install and use the Product and its components.

2.4.        If you adhere to the terms of the License Agreement, ООО “Гризли Секьюрити” grants you a simple non-exclusive License for Product use including any of the components of the Product. Right to use the Product and its components includes the following ways of use: installation and Product functionality use.

2.5.        In case of recognition of any signs of license agreement violation, no matter what the reason is, ООО “Гризли Секьюрити” can revoke license for your copy of the Product.




3.              Use of product.

3.1.        The Product can be used only within the period and n the number of PC determined by the license. This period may be prolonged by ООО “Гризли Секьюрити” in terms of marketing promotions. If several operational systems are installed on the PC including virtual environments, each of them is considered to be an individual device.

3.2.        Product activation must be done within 2 years after the license key has been received. ООО “Гризли Секьюрити” does not guarantee functionality of license keys after 2 years from the moment of their granting regardless of the type of the Product and license key granting method.

3.3.        The Product may be delivered on various media including Internet network. Regardless of the number of media used to deliver the Product to you, you only have the right to use the number of copies that corresponds to your Product license.


4.              Intellectual property and copyright.

4.1.        The Product and all its components including documentation, trademarks, graphic images etc as well as function algorithms and principles are objects of intellectual property of the Platform Manufacturer (ООО «НАНО Секьюрити») and ООО «Гризли Секьюрити» and is protected by Russian and international laws. Use of these objects of intellectual property without the Product is forbidden.

4.2.        ООО «Гризли Секьюрити» guarantees it has all required rights on the Product licensing and distribution.


5.              Restrictions.

5.1.        The Product cannot be used in commercial matters either as a single product or along with other products.

5.2.        It is forbidden to change the Product and its components, decompile them or undertake reverse-engineering.

5.3.        It is forbidden to modify, adapt (including Product changes in its functionality on the Final user’s technical devices) excluding the cases, clearly stated in the Product documentation; to translate the Product; to change object code of the programs, applications and other Product’s components excluding the changes done by the Product media and/or stated in the documentation.

5.4.        It is forbidden to grant the Product and right on it to the third party.


6.              Abdication of responsibility.

6.1.        The Product and all its components including its upgrades are supplied under «default» conditions.

6.2.        ООО «Гризли Секьюрити» and the Platform Manufacturer do not provide any kind of warranty for the Product; thus you use it on your own. ООО “Гризли Секьюрити” and the Platform Manufacturer are not liable for the damage caused by using the Product and for the benefit loss.


7.              Technical support.

7.1.        ООО «Гризли Секьюрити» provides technical support for the Product consumers via communication channels indicated on the web site ( Technical support working mode depends on the channel used and is indicated on the aforementioned web site. The list oif the available communication channels can be determined by the type of license.

7.2.        Grizzly Pro technical support is provided from the day of first license activation regardless of the activation mode.


8.              Privacy policy.

8.1.        ООО «Гризли Секьюрити» and the Platform Manufacturer carefully deal with the information obtained from our customers. Below, we state what information we may obtain when you use our products and how we process it.

8.2.        The collected data may include information about Product functionality and its outcomes, its status and settings, processed files and URL, network recourse addresses, operational system settings, information about installed programs, control amounts of files and their fields, information about automation hardware and other data that is considered non-personal according to the law of Russian Federation.

8.3.        The information we obtain cannot technically be used for user personality identification.

8.4.        Files received from users are scanned for malware code in order to give the user a verdict about the scanned file in on-line mode for virus database change without additional notification of the customer.

8.5.        Technical information is used to determine user’s arising problems and to help user solve them.

8.6.        The obtained files and technical information can also be additionally checked, used for statistics, Product improvement and so on, without additional notification.


9.              License Agreement Actuality

9.1.        ООО «Гризли Секьюрити» holds the right to change terms of the given License Agreement for any of the following Product versions without additional notification. The actual version of License Agreement is published on our web site (


10.          Applicable law.

10.1.     The relations under this license agreement are regulated in compliance with the current laws of Russian Federation.


Thank you for using our products!

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