About us

Grizzly Pro is modern company in the sphere of informational security. Our company is a united team of young people who have good education and solid experience in IT-technologies sharing a modern view on informational threads and methods of their prevention.

Modern technologies are rapidly implemented in life of every person. Everything that has been created 10-15 years ago seems to be ancient. Today, a human being can’t live without information and informational technologies.  People trust computers, smartphones, tablet PCs to keep their information. This information is under constant thread of malware of modern type that cannot be healed with antivirus programs of the past. Nowadays, we need a modern protection tool to combat modern virus threads. Grizzly Pro Antivirus is a product developed on the basis of an elaborate interface that can be used by both experienced system administrators and beginners who only start using a computer. We have also developed a possibility to use a single activation key on different machines. Efficient protection of your machine along with high performance is our advantage!